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A Region Of Riches That Create Wonderful Memories!

Visit Eastern Kentucky, the site of the state’s ruggedly scenic, Appalachian Mountains. Discover a region whose unsurpassed natural beauty, varied outdoor recreation, friendly small towns and fascinating folk culture and heritage beckon the visitor to explore and experience it in a variety of ways.

Travel scenic byways and enjoy gorgeous scenery including narrow ridge tops, deep canyons, rim rock cliffs and spectacular spring & fall foliage while including stops in quaint historic towns. Marvel at the imaginative and talented work of mountain folk artists.

While shopping for unique stores for antiques and locally made crafts, relax by the fire or explore state parks with lakes, trails, fishing, boating, and wildlife viewing including elk. Take in a performance at exceptional entertainment venues for a toe-tapping evening of entertainment.

Scrumptious food can be expected at every meal including the best country style home cooking found anywhere.

||| Expect the unexpected in our neck of the woods! |||



Wander off alone into the middle of an old-growth forest untouched by the hands of man for hundreds of years, or drive along a winding ridgeline with the windows down and the radio blaring. The beauty of the mountains of Eastern Kentucky were billions of years in the making and have offered solitude to centuries of visitors. From walking trails to motorcycle routes, there are countless ways to experience the natural beauty of Eastern Kentucky.



The explosion of the coal mining industry in the early 1900s brought people from all over the world to Eastern Kentucky. This cultural melting-pot birthed a unique brand of mountain people, music, food and traditions that continue to live on. Central Appalachia is a true American culture, savored and nurtured by all that live here. Come experience it for yourself!

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Millions of years ago, hundreds of miles of earth was thrust high into the sky to form the long, winding ridges of Pine Mountain and the rich coalfields of Black Mountain. On the flat land that remained, would become the Appalachians of Eastern Kentucky. It was Eastern Kentucky that powered the industrial revolution, bringing power and steel production to the country through massive coal reserves.